Total Solar Eclipse 2009 India and Southern Asia
July 22, 2009 Total Eclipse of the Sun (animated)

The cities in India that show (animated) the total eclipse of the Sun are as follows: Bengaluru, Kolkata, Murwara, New Delhi, and Sholapur. For China, we have Kuga and Seppa. Iran has Mashhad and Tehran. The remaining locations are Bangkok, Colombo, Dubai, Islamabad, Kabul, Kuala Lumpur, and Rangoon. Right-click your mouse to magnify the geographical location of your choice.

Total Solar Eclipse 2009 China and Japan

The cities in China that show (animated) the total eclipse of the Sun are as follows: Beijing, Wulumuqi, Changchun, Xining, Xi'an, Shanghai, Wuhan, Chongqing, Hong Kong, and Kunming. In Nepal the sun will be totally eclipsed in Biratnagar. In Taiwan, we have a partial eclipse of the Sun in Taipei. And in Mongolia, we have Ulaanbaatar. Like China, Japan has partially eclipsed sun in Sapporo, Tokyo and Fukuoka.

Japan has a small island close to the center line of the total eclipse called Akuseki-shima. It has a lighthouse there, but I don't know how accessible this island is (see pictures below). The length of time of totality is over six minutes on this tiny island. According to Wikipedia. the island population is 77, and the islanders are worried about the onslaught of eclipse viewers coming to their tiny island!


This animation starts at 08:00 Universal Time. Each frame represents three minutes of time with a total of 80 frames. I used Starry Night to produce this eclipse movie with some alterations by me to show Earth in a different light. Naturally the shadow cone reaching down from the Moon would be invisible!

The rotation of the Earth, and it's motion along its orbit; plus, the Moon's own motion along it's orbit blocking the sunlight in various degrees during this time. Another factor to take into consideration is that the moon is near perigee (or closest approach to Earth); thus, the moon is larger than the sun (as seen from earth) to totally block out the sunlight to create a total eclipse of the sun. Whew!

Eclipse of the Sun for July 22, 2009 (animated)

Each city shown on this animated map of the July 22 solar eclipse represents how this celestial phenomenon will appear to that viewer at that location. Hawaii is the only state to see a small portion of this eclipse.

If you look along the path of the total eclipse on this graphic, you will notice the sun appearing and disappearing to the west and east, respectively. What's happening at these two points? The sun is rising near the west coast of India (Gulf of Khambhat) fully eclipsed. (If anyone can get a photograph of the total eclipse at sunrise, I would love to post the image or any other image of this event!) The same holds true for the totally eclipsed sun at sunset but in reverse (near the Phoenix Islands). If you use the green buttons below the clock, you can step through the animation to see the solar eclipse rising or setting. Each frame of animation represents one minute of time.

Near the middle of the graphic, the total eclipse of the sun lasts for 6 minutes and 39 seconds. According to Fred Espenak , this will be the longest total eclipse of the sun for this century! If you click on this link, you will find a wealth of technical information about this eclipse.

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Updated on June 4, 2009