Venus 45 minutes before sunrise for 2009

The above animated graphic of Venus (along with the Moon and other planets) is set forty-five minutes before sunrise for 2009. Venus reaches inferior conjunction on March 27. The above graphic begins on March 30. Each frame of animation represents one day of time with the total number of days totaling 251. The last day or frame is on December 5. Venus reaches superior conjunction on January 11, 2010.

The first phase, as seen above as a very thin crescent, is at one percent. The following phases are in intervals of tens (10%, 20% and so forth). The last one being at 95%.

The other inner planet, Mercury, makes an appearance twice in the morning sky starting in June to July and reappears in September ending October. Like Venus, it under goes phases from crescent to gibbous.

The Moon can be seen flashing across the screen above. If you use the three buttons in the graphic above , you can stop or step through the frames backwards or forwards.

The outer planets can be seen at this time with Mars and Jupiter already present with Saturn appearing later in the year in the morning sky. Mars seems to be having a slow dance with Venus until the middle of June when the red planet finally pulls away.

The moon will come quite close to Venus on April 22 with occultation occurring in some states after sunrise.

Venus reaches greatest elongation on June 5. This is when angular separation of the Sun and Venus are at their greatest. Venus will be nearly 46 degrees away from the Sun. However, Venus will reach it's highest point above the horizon around August 1. Go figure!

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