As you can see, the path of totality of the April 8, 2024, solar eclipse will only be seen in the southeastern portion of Canada. The only major city in Canada to see totality will be Montreal. Some of you probably think Toronto will see a total eclipse of the Sun, but it will not. Toronto will only see 99.7% of the Moon blocking sunlight. That makes it still a partial eclipse! The edge of totality, near Toronto, is off-shore at Lake Ontario.

I suggest driving from Toronto to Buffalo, New York, to see the moon totally eclipse the sun. The drive distance is 100 miles, and totality will last 3 minutes and 45 seconds in Buffalo. It will be well worth the trip!

Montreal will see totality, but only a tiny portion of it. In Montreal, totality will last for only 1 minute and 25 seconds. The ideal situation is to be as close as possible to the center line of totality. I recommend traveling 60 miles south on I-85 down to Plattsburgh, New York. Totality in Plattsburgh will last 3 minutes and 33 seconds compared to Montreal.

Why? The closer you are to the center line of totality, the darker the sky will be. And, of course, the duration of the event will last longer!

Most of Canada will see the eclipse on April 8, 2024. Only a few provinces near the Alaskan border will miss out. Look at the map again above and see how this celestial event will work out for you (and enlarge it)!

Bonavista, Newfoundland, will be the last town in North America to see totality. Totality will begin in the Pacific Ocean and end over the Atlantic Ocean. The next total eclipse of the Sun for Canada will be on August 23, 2044. Check out the map below! (Also, Bonavista has their clock 30 minutes more than everyone else – interesting!)



All times are obtained from Xavier Jubier’s website!

An excellent site for eclipse information!

United States Naval Observatory or USNO

National Aeronautics & Space Administration