Mexico has the honor of having the most extended duration of totality (greatest eclipse) for this eclipse on April 8th. Totality will last 4 minutes and 28 seconds in the state of Durango. The largest city near the greatest eclipse location is Torreon, which is some 50 miles away and has a population of well over 700,000.

As you can see in the animation above, totality starts over the Pacific Ocean. The umbra of the Moon will make first contact with land on the west coast of Mexico near the town of Mazatlan at 12:07 pm MST. The umbra will cross Mexico and then enter Texas some 18 minutes later. 

The next total eclipse of the Sun for Mexico will be on September 23, 2071.




All times are obtained from Xavier Jubier’s website!

An excellent site for eclipse information!

United States Naval Observatory or USNO

National Aeronautics & Space Administration