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USA – Annular Eclipse On October 14, 2023


You will be able to see the ring around the moon easier. For example, look at the eclipse at the upper-right corner of Arizona and Utah.



An annular eclipse of the Sun as seen from North and South America on October 14, 2023. An annular eclipse occurs when the Moon is smaller than the Sun; thus, the annulus forms around the edge of the Moon. Which also means this is not a total eclipse of the Sun. The Moon’s diameter will only cover 97.6% of the disc of the Sun. The path of annularity will begin off the shores of Oregon. The center of the path of the shadow will traverse the western parts of the states.

The second half of the journey will carry the shadow across Central America and end off the shores of Brazil. The maximum or greatest eclipse will occur off the shores of Belize. Greatest eclipse will be 97.6%. Again, this is not a total eclipse.

All 50 states will get to see some part of the eclipse. Hawaii will see the least amount with the Sun rising with the eclipse already in progress (less than 10% coverage). All of North America will see a partial eclipse. The southern portion of South America will not see anything! The next significant eclipse for the US will be on April 8, 2024, which will be total!




These photos were taken in St. Louis on May 10, 1994. Notice that the sunlight is still quite strong, with the moon fully in front of the Sun.

Protect your eyes during an annular eclipse at all times, including when the sun is in the annular phase!